Transpatial Training Room v0.5
"This was the first real game I was tasked to create in college, and I was sure to create something that had to do with the Legends of Saviors series I had been working on for so long."

During one of the final classes I took for Game Production for my Associate's degree, I got to finally create an entire "game" - models, textures, coding, sound effects, the works - and through several months, was able to recreate a room within a previous game I had designed many years prior. The Transpatial Training Room is a special facility within the RuMa Castle of planet Par'N, and tests the abilities of the monks that once dwelled there, and the cosmic Buntaiens it will eventually train. Being able to configure the room to morph into just about any environment within its vast database, the TTR can "transport" the users to a variety of biomes, including any natural hazards therein. This version of the game is playable, but other than walking and jumping around, no other features were added.

Below is a couple of static images showing the inside of the room!
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