RYD Webographic for 2018
"Let us delve into the rather deep rabbit hole that is Ronin Yeti Designs."

I had never created an infograph before this one, and before its creation I went about contemplating new designs and ways to convey information in a succinct, yet robust fashion.  I had seen some others show off basic information using the web-like design, but I wanted to add my own flair, showing off the most important works and aspects of Ronin Yeti Designs.  This particular "webograph" condenses down all of the information from the couple of years I was in college, leading up to 2018 when I had began doing freelance work.

Below are some gifs showcasing the 3 main project series' currently in production by Ronin Yeti Designs - Legends of Saviors games, Wait of the World books, and Death by Design brand products!
Below are some gifs showcasing the 3 main pillars of skill that Ronin Yeti Designs works upon - Marketing, Game Development, and Graphic Design!
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