RYD Logo #1
"This was created the very first year I ever used Photoshop, during my tenure at BCTC."

Using Photoshop was a magical thing for me, especially when I learned some of the better hotkeys!  I had always loved to draw and illustrate at a younger age, but at a certain point, I felt like I couldn't get any better (not that I was that good, anyway).  I put drawing and visual design on the back burner for almost a decade, but as soon as I got back into the swing of things, I felt inspired and motivated to surpass my old self when it came to my visual art "skills."

While also creating a logo, we needed to create a name for the mock-business our teacher had tasked us with developing.  At the time, before starting college, I had been game streaming under the persona and alias of "Ronin Yeti," and felt it appropriate to keep with the theme I was already weaving into my career.  A Ronin is a masterless samurai/warrior, while a Yeti is a mythical, snowbound beast.

Below are the various stages the logo went through when creating it for a graphic design class during the first semester of college.
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