RYD Business Card
"I got sick of using something I had created the very first year of college, and knew I needed a better, more up-to-date version of what I already had."

Once I finally recreated my logo for my freelancing business Ronin Yeti Designs, I knew I also needed to recreate my business card (of which I will not showcase, because it's certainly not worth anyone's time, lol).  I had been using a theme of two different tones of blue mixed with monochrome aesthetics, mixed with the use of blue circuitry running across a deep, black background.  I decided to mix all of these together for the design of this card, and added a little bullet list of what skills I felt I was the best at, at the time.  Now that I think about it, I'm probably going to need to re-recreate another business card in the near future, considering my career path has seemed to shift more towards graphic design and branding, compared to my game development path I was on.

Below are the two sides (the image to the left being the front, the image to the right being the back) of the most current RYD business card!
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