Ronin Yeti's
Gaming Highlights

"Some of these videos kind of just formed from the nether, as if I was a demon possessed, yearning for the applauds of my peers, editing deep into the night."

Before going back to finish out college, I was dipping my toes into the rising pool of Let's Players and Gaming YouTubers with my own spin.  I did a few Let's Play series', garnering a decent following of friends and strangers, alike.  Eventually as I amassed a large amount of video game clips from said playthroughs and other video game romps, I wanted to show off the good and bad times through a series of short videos showing off three gaming highlights with each episode.  I'll admit, the first couple of episodes are a bit slow and maybe even underwhelming, but I believe I started getting into a groove that almost created itself. 

I took a two year break from creating these videos, when I got into and graduated college, but as a favor to a fan/friend, I eventually created a fifth episode: one that is all about the needless hype surrounding Overwatch, around when it first came out.  I feel the video is lacking in actual substance, but perhaps if I got back into making these, I could summon up the same awesome energy I was able to harness in episode 3 and 4 to make more video treasures!.

Below is a playlist containing the rest of the episodes of Ronin Yet's Gaming Highlights, starting with the not-so excitable Pilot episode!
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