Ronin Yeti Designs
Logo #3

"Icons are nice, and all, but I wanted to do something different this time!"

The very first logo I created for RYD, was back in my first semester of college - the very first time ever using Photoshop in any real capacity.  The second logo was conceptualized and created around the time I graduated, reiterating the Yeti icon I had used before.  So far, it would seem my logo changes every year and a half.  With this new ieteration,  I wanted to go a different route; to showcase some of my tempered skills in 2D animation and typography.  I know I still have a lot to learn with it comes to both crafts, and am excited to keep extending my portfolio of works and concepts, but I hope that I have continued to progress as the years have gone by.

"Ronin Yeti:" a masterless warrior who exists in myth and secrecy.  The name was derived from other various names throughout the years.  Originally, the name Yenen was that of a character from a video game story I had been working on when I was younger.  As time went by, the character in the story eventually became a powerful being named Yetcen, which was also became a common alias I'd use in online video games, websites, and so forth.  During one stint in an MMO as a guild leader, some of my more closer guildmates would affectionately and teasingly call me "Yeti" - or "Yeti-Pie" - for short.  As more years passed me, I began my pre-career as a Let's Player on Youtube and Twitch, garnering a decent little following.  The name I chose for my online persona would be "Ronin Yeti," based on the Japanese word for "a samurai without a master," and the rest is recent history!

Below are some non-animated variations of this newest logo, starting from the traditional blue and white color palette, to a more darker, atmosphere tone, and then to a banner version I had created for various social media sites.
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