PTK Honor Society Collateral
"I had never created a crest before, so I knew the first time had to be exceptional."

After graduating from BCTC in 2017, and becoming an Alumni member within PTK honor society, I still wanted to be a part of the group that took me in, and wanted to keep giving back.  Eventually, myself and the most current president, at the time, decided that we should create some type of logo for not only our chapter, but also maybe the honor society, in general.  His idea was a simple horse around the name of our chapter, but I didn’t feel it was going to be as impactful as he maybe thought, so I decided to take a week and create something that would hopefully bedazzle him and the other members.

After taking a couple of days to actually come up with what I was going to create, looking through the history of our honor society, I found out that our societal crest hadn’t been updated in over a century.  I took it upon myself to test whether I could make something like the examples I had been researching, and decided to create 3 different versions in Illustrator, of which we could all vote upon at the next member meeting that was to be held.  During said meeting, the members - and the president I had collaborate with - were overjoyed to see how much effort I had put into it, and we all decided that the second one above encompassed exactly what we were looking for.  I took all of the symbols and codes from the original crest design and exaggerated them.  The owl, each leaf, every wisp of fire has a meaning to the members of PTK, and I hope they were able to take it all in.  Eventually, we were to put this logo on shirts, hoodies, newsletters, and many other items, and hopefully even more things in the near future!

Below is another iteration of the crest, with a horse added to each side (considering most, if not all, crest typically have an animal as they "mascot"), but it was agreed upon during a meeting that the horses added a bit too much chaos for the eyes.
Below is more advertising collateral I designed and created: various stickers for members only and a template for a 6-foot tall banner to be used for meetups and recruitment events!
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