Legends of Saviors
Planet Concepts

"These planets have been in my mind longer than they have been on paper (digital or otherwise)."

I have been working on a project entitled "Legends of Saviors" (name still pending after all of these years) a little over two decades.  I started out by creating a story and its characters through a Mortal Kombat fan-fiction I would roleplay with my friends during recess, or during free time at home.  After being introduced to Dragon Ball Z (and anime, in general), my MK fan-fiction seemed to meld with a DBZ fan-fiction I had started to write on and draw out; which allowed it to blossom into something entirely original from it's origin content. 

During the many years of roleplaying, writing, drawing, and concept realization, I ended up creating countless pieces of concept art, several different, overarching sub-stories that would eventually come together, a few tabletop adventures based on DnD rules, a 5-hour PS1 game based on one of the stories, different 3D models of various characters and environments, two different VR & PC titles based on the lore of LoS, a digital tabletop game from scratch, and a few others side projects still in the works.

During my latest time at college, I picked up new artistic skills with Photoshop and other digital software and was able to stretch my imagination a bit more.  I was able to delve deeper into the universe of LoS, through the creation of the five main planets present in the first (and, so far) main story of the Legends of Saviors series: known as "Legends of Saviors: The Buntaien Souls," name pending!  I feel throughout the creation process of these planets, I learned new techniques and shortcuts and continually got better.  If one may notice, the three phases of the first planet above and to the left (planet Par'N) is starkly different than the planets that follow it, when it comes to design and details.

If you are interested in the details of these planets - from more origin stories, down to why they become the way they do - then check out the blog posts HERE!

Below are several legends conveying the main landmarks of each of the five main planets, during the main three phases of each of the planets' histories!
Below are a few videos showcasing the creation process of each planet, through their main three historical phases.  Accompanying the video is myself narrating, explaining the uniqueness of each planet, and their role in the story/game to come!
Below is a playlist that shows the creative process of each planet at a slower pace than the previous videos, with amazing music overlapped!
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