Legends of Saviors
Character Concepts

"I have lived and created in the same world for so long now, these characters almost feel like real friends and enemies."

As long as I could pick up a pencil and scribble out shapes and nonsensical glyphs, I have always created different fan-fiction characters based on the fantasy - or even non-fiction - I was into at the time.  Some of the earliest pieces I can recall creating were a whole set of Mega Man enemies (from the original Mega Man NES gaming series).  As time went by, I would create fan-fiction characters from the Mortal Kombat series, coming up with original stories that interwove my stuff with canon material.  After being introduced to anime later on - most specifically Dragon Ball Z - I was hooked, and began using a more Japanese influence to the style of my characters (as one might be able to tell, already) and the nuances of my stories.  The fan-fiction I had created for Mortal Kombat coalesced into the ones I was imagining up for DBZ, and the first Legends of Saviors characters and lore began to emerge.

As the years has gone by, my characters have gone through both subtle and vast iterations; like the blue-haired, pointy-eared Yenen originally being a Namekian-Saiyan hybrid related to Piccolo and Vegeta, ended up being the physical amalgamation of an ethereal demi-god that once wreaked havoc all over the universe, until eventually being subdued by other demi-gods.  They have taken on many forms through different mediums, and are ever-changing until they are perfected and finally, concreting implemented into the games and stories I want to eventually create/keep working on.

If you are interested in the details of these characters - from more origin stories, down to who they are and what they do - then check out the blog posts HERE!

Below is a playlist for a few time-lapse videos dealing with the creative process of the main characters of "LoS: The Buntaien Souls!"
Below are the original concept portraits (using an RPGMaker pixel program) for the main characters shown above!
Below is original pencil-and-paper concept artwork I created back when I was a kid and teenager (which most are VERY Dragon Ball Z influenced, at the time)!
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