DeskMate VA Graphics/Icons
"Create something useful and cute for me!"

My beautiful fiance has an innate entrepreneurial spirit, and has shown me and her clients and colleagues that as long as she has a vision, it will take form and flight with some time.  One of the things she's been doing, aside from her day-to-day job, is amassing a number of clients, doing freelance work as a Virtual Assistant, helping those that could use her skills and experience.  A VA is basically an online secretary, one that can do just about anything for a company or client, remotely.  She has had success with a few people, recently, and is, soon, wanting to branch out to make it grow. 

With that being known, I went out of my way to help create the graphics she'd need to help set herself apart, and gather those with the same vision that she possess.  With her basic preferences, I created a logo (after many iterations which can be viewed below), icons, graphics for a business card, the business card, itself, and animated versions of the graphics - to be used on a website for her business. 

I wish her all the luck in the world, and will help her along the best I can!  Good luck out there, Christina Darling!

Below is the front and back (respectively) of an upcoming business card I designed and created for Christina's DeskMate VA business!
Below are most of the graphics/icons created, but this time animated for an upcoming DeskMate VA website!
Below are some of the iterations I went through trying to devise the perfect logo that matched both of our visions!
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