Death by Design
Logo Sticker #1 Adverts

"I had planned that my very first, physical product for my new brand would be free for all!"

Death by Design (a sub-brand created by Ronin Yeti Designs) was conceived for the sole purpose of creating modern-day propaganda that pushes people to critically think about all of the information they are being bombarded with on a daily basis.  I wanted to stretch satire to its limits, and make various products and pieces that would convey truths through rudimentary methods and visuals (clean, simple, yet effective in their approach).  I have an Etsy Store - which you can go ahead and click to visit - but at the current moment, we only have 1 product up for sale.  I plan to streamline a lot more pieces in the coming months!

But as for this product, I ended up printing out 3 different versions (one being black on white, one being white on black, and the third one being a variation of the previous two).  I went on social media and asked friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances, alike, if they would want any for their laptop, phones, cars, what-have-you, and I gave out over 200 free stickers over the course of a couple of months; suffice to say, I ran out of the batch I had printed.

Below is a video version of the above image, complete with animations and a silly song, to boot (thanks to the Russian band "Little Big")!

Below is the very first advertisement I made for the stickers, showing the two different, monochrome versions, on either side of the official new logo (at the time), harking Death by Design's arrival to the scene!

Below is the last advertisement I made for those who had contacted me about wanting some of these stickers, to let them know I had them printed out, and was ready to ship them off to their new homes!
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