Death by Design
Logo #2 Promotional Reveal

"I spent several months - on and off - working on this project, and I learned a lot in the process."

Most of what I do, regardless if it's game development, graphic design, creative writing, whatever, I try to integrate something known as fractal theming in all of my works: where an idea is born somewhere in the story, visuals, music, etc., then it is repeated throughout the medium in various, yet similar ways, to build up a sense of anticipation, excitement, and growth.  In knowing this, I used this method for the small, online promotional event I held over a month's time on certain social media websites for the 2nd logo for my Death by Design sub-brand. 

Each week, I would post, with guile, a certain animated image with a certain message throughout, to try to get viewers both interested and curious as to the purpose.  As one week came after another, I tried to slowly explain what was emerging from the nether of my imagination, conveying what I felt I needed to.  After much work and creative exhaustion, I was able to come out with a marketing strategy and execution that delighted some of my fans and followers, and made me feel proud of my accomplishments.

Below is a set of animations I created to help further my promotional event for the revealing of the new logo and upcoming sticker.  During a 3-week period, I would post these gifs, one after another - from left to right - to build up the momentum of what I was going to reveal and in what way it would be visualized within the 4th week to follow!

Below is the 2nd music video I created - both visuals and music - using all-natural assets to create something almost 100% completely authentic (some of the sound bytes were taken from a free sounds database).  It was the final advertisement for the new logo and sticker-to-come on the 4th and final week of the promotional event.  I hope you enjoy it!
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