Bros Before Bourgeoisie
1st Edition T-Shirts Adverts

"Fashion for the Fall 'of Tyranny;' heh, get it?!..."

Other than a set of monochrome stickers of the Death by Design sub-brand logo, the other product I had considered making was something that people could show off all of the time: a custom-made, limited-edition t-shirt!  I mocked up 3 different designs with 3 different themes, all slightly different from one another, but on the same wavelength of subject matter.  I then threw together a colorful juxtaposition for my advertisement (akin to the ad I made for the stickers), and set out to cast a vote on different social media sites.  After a few weeks of gathering votes, the people's voice was heard, and the Bros Before Propaganda shirt was chosen and streamlined.  This limited edition shirt is still on sale (as of July 16th, 2019), so if you like what you see, check out this Etsy Store and gets yours today for a new, lower price, and free shipping in the US!

Below is a set of .gifs I created for the poll I had cast to my fans.  Everyone eventually picked selection B (Bros Before Propaganda), and it would become the first printed of these shirts!
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